Joele Artes

A rougish sorcerer from the slums



Currently level 2 sorcerer/ level 1 rouge.


“Can I loot the bats?”

Born and bred on the streets of University, Joele has spent his entire life as a pauper. His family died when he was four years old, having perished in a magical fire. Joele, who possesses innate sorcery, was able to escape, but was unable to save anyone else. The vague memories he has of his mother, father, and sister haunt him.

Life is tough for anyone on The Hub, but it is especially difficult for the paupers and beggars. Had Joele not possessed sorcery, he certainly would have perished. As it was, he managed to keep himself alive for all of twenty-five years. The years were hard on him, and he looks older than he actually is.

Joele’s life as an urchin has given him a certain mania towards collecting wealth. If it can be looted, Joele will figure out some way to loot it. Like many people in his situation, he is slow to trust, and a frequent liar.

After their adventure in the Old University, Joele Artes has discovered is father, Johan, was an extraordinarily rich and powerful sorcerer. The latest in a line famous for their magical prowess, Johan gave up a guaranteed seat on the Shadow Council (the ruling council of the city of Waterdeep) to come to The Hub and build an interplanar portal. His investments did not turn out, and Johan died penniless, married to a commoner.

Joele Artes

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