Joshiah, "Josh" Brahnam

A wickedly intelligent warlock



Level 3 warlock


“I don’t sign the contract.”

When Elizabeth Branham met Sindarin Quneya, it seemed like it was too good to be true. Elizabeth had been a commoner from Ebberon all her life, wheras Sindarin was a powerful wizard visiting from the plane of Faerun. Despite heavy objections from both families, the two were married. They had one son: Josiah.

Unfortunately for Elizabeth, the marriage was too good to be true. Unable to handle the scorn of being married to a human, and frustrated by his fruitless studies, Sindarin abandoned his wife and child. Elizabeth raised Josiah as a single mother, cleaning the Library of Ancient Knowledge twelve hours a day to make a living.

Elizabeth told Joshiah about his father, which has left the now adult half-elf with a bitter taste in his mouth. Although he initially hated magic, his father’s genes gave him a proclivity towards it. The Protectorates of the Most Ancient Knowledge noticed, and told Josh they would give him free tuition if he became a scribe for them. He did so, working as a librarian and a wizard’s apprentice for over a year.

One night, caught in the throes of boredom, Josiah went down to the restricted section of the library. There he found a book: The Moste Eccentric Planar Guidebook- and read it. The book took his mind to another dimension, where he met a being beyond time and space. Simply seeing the being changed his physical makeup, and gave him the ability to bend reality. The book immolated in his hands, and he was arrested. Despite his mother’s protests, he was exiled from the plane, and warned if he ever returned, he’d be executed.

Joshiah, "Josh" Brahnam

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