Myrcella Starborn

The quick-wittet wizard companion of our PC's


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Level 9 Human Wizard


“This mirror will allow us to communicate over great distances. And, just so you know, I wouldn’t mind if you used it for things other than business.”

Mycella Starborn was born on Baldur, the largest city on the continent of Adseb, on the plane of Faerun. While most of her family was magically inclined, none were ever powerful enough to become more than a simple adept or sideshow performer. Myrcella, however, showed immediate talent and promise. Her proud parents encouraged her to cultivate her talents, and she was able to gain admittance to The University at the age of seventeen. Although Baldur was very diverse, the University was on a whole other level. Creatures of all races and creeds studied there. Myrcella was not just tolerant, but enthusiastically interested in all of them. She never garnered any prejudices, and in fact found humans- her own race- to by the least interesting of the bunch. Her bubbly personality and love of magical learning endeared her to many of her teachers. Two of her teachers- both elves- were especially interested in her. Professor Culpo Dias, an elf originally born on Ebberon, enjoyed her glowing personality. Professor Alduis Quinya, a high elf from Quirion (and thus almost totally emotionless), found her personality to be almost the exact opposite of his own- and thus very interesting. Her ability to bond with the staff allowed her great access to University secrets. By the time she graduated she knew more about the inner workings of The University than most professors. Opting to stay at the University to do research after her graduation, Myrcella continued to expand her figurative rolodex of professional contacts and inside information. This proclivity for information collecting and friendship forming caught the attention of Maester Sharpe, who in turn introduced her to Maester Maelon. Maelon was impressed at both her magical and personal skills, and invited her to join the Talon of Owls. Soon after she became Rex’s personal secretary, and fed what little knowledge she learned from the Archmage to the Talon. She met the adventuring party through Rex, serving as an intermediary between the reclusive Archmage and our intrepid heroes. She took a special liking to Pejter, and gave him a magical mirror he could use to contact her in times of need. After the heroes successfully recovered the book of fairy tales, Myrcella- under instruction from the Talon- helped the heroes escape University and come to the estate of Senor Dias. She has promised to stay with them and serve as a sort of intermediary between them and the Talon of Owls, as well as provide any other kind of support they need.

Myrcella Starborn

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