Pejter Bjorn

A barbarian with a singular purpose



Level 3 barbarian


“I jump through the door!”

Pejter is the youngest in the male line of the once famously wealthy Dwarven Bjorn clan. His ancestors, nearly five hundred years prior, travelled from Ebberon to Icewind and founded the Bjorn Mines. The Mines were obscenely profitable- for a time. By the time Pejter’s father, Aldous, took control of the mines, most of the family money had been spent, and the mines mostly dry of resources.

The Bjorn’s were by no means poor. They still controlled a large stake in a famous shipping company in Faerun (Blink Dog Shipping), but their true wealth was their home- Bjorn Hall. Carved into the side of a mountain, it onced housed hundreds of dwarves. Last year, it was home to thirty-two: Bjorn, his parents, 8 siblings, two wives, one husband, and eight grandkids. The large Hall attracted the attention of Sickle, an unusually intelligent and ambitious frost giant. Together with his clan, Sickle took Bjorn Hall and killed Bjorn’s father and three of his brothers.

Since that time, the Bjorn’s have relocated to Hammerhall, an ancient dwarven fortress near Icewind Dale, the biggest city in Icewind. Bjorn is now the second oldest son in the line. His oldest brother, Rejnak, is a coward and a liar who is rapidly draining the family’s band account. Pejter has travelled to The Hub (against his mother’s wishes) in order to find a weapon to kill Sickle and his cronies, and retake Bjorn Hall.

Pejter Bjorn

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