Shawn Brownscale

An idyllic cleric of draconian justice



Level 3 War Cleric


“I wish to learn a powerful healing spell.”

The Dragonborn are an unusual, almost obscure race. From the plane of Faerun, they were once very populous. However, the rise of the Ancient Dragons and the resulting Dragon War caused them to be hunted in mass numbers- despite the fact that Dragonborn are actually not related to dragons at all. They are simply the more intelligent, and more cunning evolutionary cousins to Lizardfolk. Nevertheless, the remaining Dragonborn fled to the Golden Isles, were most remain to this day.

Shawn is the son of Fekwi Dragonscale, the most powerful merchant on the Golden Isles. Dragonborn to not care for their children as most intelligent races do- as such, Shawn was simply a means to an end. He was sold to the Army of Greyhawk, the largest city on the continent of Othrond. He was beaten, bullied, and put through a program so rigorous most would break in a week. Sean lasted two years. He rose through the ranks, impressing his superiors, and silencing his detractors.

When Ravenloft, a country of vampires, declared war on Greyhawk, Shawn was on the front lines. His superior and friend was struck down by an arrow. Horrorstruck, Shawn begged his Gods for help. Filkiati, the draconic God of justice, blessed Shawn with healing powers.

In thanks, Shawn pledged his life to Filkiati, and retired from active military service. This act infuriated his father, who has disowned Sean. The fledgling church of Filkiati sent Shawn to The Hub in order to help set up a church that will appeal to the steadily growing Dragonborn population appearing on that plane. The leader of the church has tasked Shawn with 1: Providing the church with much needed money and supplies, and 2: Spreading the word of his God to other Dragonborn’s through evangelism.

Shawn Brownscale

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