Rise of the Eternals

Part 1: The Old University


The adventure began as most seem to do: in the corner of a seedy tavern. Four disparate characters met at the Rabble Rouser, a bar in the poorest corner of the city of University. Our adventurers are:

Joele Artes: Born and bred in University, Joele is little more than a thief and a beggar. He does, however, posses an innate magical ability, and a talent for fast talking and thieving. He wishes to learn more about his family that perished in a fire, and to rise from the streets and live as a king.
Josiah, ‘Josh’ Brahnam: Formerly a scribe, Joshiah accessed a book that was locked deep in the library where he worked. Reading the book sent his mind into another plane of existence, where it was touched by a being of such power that Josiah’s physical makeup was altered. Exiled from his homeworld, Josh wishes to find the source of his powers.
Pejter Bjorn: A member of a once powerful clan of dwarven merchants, Pejter was forced to watch as a clan of Frost Giants tore his home apart. His father and many of his brothers dead, Pejter decided to come to the hub to find a way to defeat the Giants. His primal rage fuels his powers, and thoughts of his homeworld fuel his desires.
Shawn Brownscale: The son of a merchant king, Shawn was sold to the army of Greyhawk, a large city on Faerun. During a war against Ravenloft, Shawn’s friend was struck down. He prayed to his God, Filkiati, who gave him healing powers. He has since joined the fledgling church of Filkiati, and wishes to grow its influence in the world.

These four men met after receiving correspondence advertising that the University, the powerful magical school that the city is named after, needed help procuring a strange item. They met Maester Maelon, a strange but accomplished wizard, who in turn introduced the to Archmage Rex, the dean of University. Rex laid out the truth: this was little more than a suicide mission. They were tasked to retrieve what seemed like a normal book of fairy tales from an ancient ruin. All but Josh signed a magical contract, binding them to return the book to Rex. After being prepped by Myrcella, one of Rex’s undersecretaries, the group went to the most ancient part of the University.

They overcame much adversity: giant spiders, towers full of rust monsters, sarcastic rooms of magical knowledge, and much more. At the end they reached the library, and the small office that contained their prize. Awaiting them was a team of magical assassins, and a massive ogre. They defeated them, barely hanging on to life by the end of it. They found the book, inside which was carved a strange rune that they had all seen before. None knew what the rune meant. They returned back to the University; Pejter, Shawn, and Joele were given their promised award. Josh was arrested for trespassing.

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