Maester Guivere Maelon

A powerful sage with powerful secrets


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Level 17 Wizard


Maester Guivere Maelon was born on Iridia, a small province on Ebberon, to a marginally wealthy family. He showed an early aptitude for magic, and applied to a wide variety of magical schools. The only one to accept him (likely do to his age, his lack of money, and his family’s social standing [or lack thereof]) was The University on The Hub. When he arrived,
the place was almost barren. It had only a handful of students left, and the teachers were unenthusiastic. During Maelon’s sixth year, he was on the verge of dropping out and finding another trade. However, something stopped him: the arrival of Theodoro Rex. Only half Maelon’s age, Rex was twice the wizard Guivere was. He astounded professors and students alike with his incredible aptitude for all the schools of magic, including his ability to do what was previously thought impossible- tear through the Planar Ichor and directly access the Aether, allowing for fast travel anywhere on the plane he was on. Rex quickly rose through the ranks, and his magic attracted throngs of students and professors to the once dying University. In less than twenty years, The University again became the top school for magical study on all four planes. Like Rex, Maelon rose quickly through the ranks- first to Professor, then to Maester, essentially an administrative position. Rex, meanwhile, became Archmage. The two cultivated a relationship- Rex saw Guivere’s potential, and Guivere helped Rex with his study of the Planar Map, the physical makeup of planes, and interplanar physics. For many years the University blossomed, and Guivere and Maelon were good friends and colleagues. One day, though, Rex surprised Maelon by asking him about an ancient and (supposedly) uncastable spell called Resurrection. Soon after, Rex all but abandoned the University, becoming Archmage in name only. As senior Maester, Maelon took over most of Rex’s duties. Guivere was angry and disappointed about Rex abandoning his post, but only began to worry after Rex began to spend extravagant amounts of both his personal funds and University money on strange, bizarre artifacts. Realizing that Rex may either have gone insane or have become the incarnation of a terrible fiend, Guivere formed the Talon of Owls, a group dedicated to keeping an eye on Rex and thwarting any plans that would harm members of the University. The organization was successful in their goal until Rex was able to open a portal to Gethsemane. The portal unleashed a strange and terrible beast, and many lives were lost. Shortly after, Rex instructed Maelon to hire a group of adventurers to explore Old University and recover an book of Fairy Tales. Maelon begrudgingly recruited a group to do the deed. The group, to Maelon’s surprise, was successful. To his further surprise, the group attracted the attention of two very powerful organizations. Despite his reservations about some of the group members temperament, Maelon pledged the party the protection of the Talon of Owls. Hours afterward, University was invaded by the Blackclaws, a very powerful assassins guild. Guivere was killed while trying to protect his students. His final act was to send his memories to the adventuring group, showing them his ultimate suspicion: that Archmage Rex is the reincarnated form of D’zzgelion the Unending, one of the most powerful and evil Lich’s that ever existed.

Maester Guivere Maelon

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