Riverrun is a small town, comfortably nestled near the border of Greyhawk and Waterdeep. The town consists of several large estates (the Dias estates included among them), about fifty different farmsteads, and the town square. The town square holds several important buildings:

- The town center which houses most of the major bureaucrats, and is the home of Mayor Rivvel- a human aristocrat.

- Two shops. The first, simply called The Apothecary, is run by Viesz. On the surface it is a shop that sells medicinal herbs, rations, and tinctures. In fact, Viesz actually sells very potent poisons to those who look for them. Viesz is so well known that Waterdeepians will travel to Riverrun to find the most powerful poisons to suit their needs. The other shop is the Iron Mountain Trading Post. Run by Irigior, an eccentric but well meaning Dwarf exile, it is little more than a junk shop. It is still the number one place in town to find various eclectic items- at least until the travelling merchants come to town.

- A large outdoor town market where farmers come to sell goods.

- The town tavern, the Belligerent Bullete. Run by Elvira Reed, a halfling transplant from Hill-de-Lye, the BB is well known for its incredibly strong ale and it’s hearty but tasteless meat pies. Elvira has little tolerance for non-regulars, figuring that they are more prone to fights then the normally placid townsfolk.

- A school that teaches kids age six to fifteen. Dany, one of the boarders at the Dias Estates, works at this school.

- A barely functional grain mill that employs some of the seedier elements of the town


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