The Known Worlds

The Known Worlds

The Known Words are, in essence, where the PC’s live. They are actually four separate planes, all bound by exceedingly powerful interplanar portals. They are:

-Ebberon: A world where technology and magic freely intermingle. On the cusp of a technological revolution, Ebberon has already harnessed unimaginable power: trains, androids (called Warforged), and airships are commonplace. Even simple things such as torches and chamber pots have been changed by Ebberon’s growing obsession with gadgetry.

-Faerun: An unchanging plane where heredity, ritual, and race still play the most important roles. Extraordinarily ancient magics have created a sense of tradition that, despite the best attempts of the Ebberonese, cannot be broken. Faerun is also an extraordinarily dangerous place to live; obscenely powerful magics have created obscenely powerful monsters. The plane is also extremely xenophobic, and outwardly hostile to outsiders.

-Icewind: The plane of Icewind can be described succinctly in one word: savage. About half the size of Ebberon or Faerun, Icewind has never been populated the way either of its brother planes have. It has only one major city: Icewind Dale, and its residents are at constant war with both the elements and the horrible beasts that roam the plane. Great riches can be found there, but so can horrible death.

The Hub: Created by Ebberon scientists, The Hub is the only place citizens of the three planes can meet in peace. Although Ebberon has always been open and accepting, Faerun refuses to allow off worlders on its grounds, and Icewind is unsuitable for any sort of exchange, physical or otherwise. Highly magical, it is ruled by a singular force: money. The more you have, the more respect and power you command.

The four worlds were connected by an Ebberonese wizard about 2,500 years ago. Although they are referred to as the, “Known Worlds,” this is a bit of a misnomer: planer scholars know of more than a dozen other planes. However, the nickname for the combined planes has stuck.

The Known Worlds

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